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European regional assistance for Cornwall promised a great deal, but on measures of average GDP, Cornwall's economy has actually declined in the last 16 years! Yes you read that correctly, despite all the hype, Cornwall has become poorer relative to other EU regions. So why is there plenty of evidence that Cornwall is in fact awash with cash and equity?


It's an all-too familiar story - EU money has hugely benefited a few, leaving most people in the county no better off. This website shows how the 'few' in Cornwall get away with it, the elaborate ploys, filters and syphons that are devised to make sure that the money goes to the 'right' sort of people.

"The other day I worked out that we could have done all this very differently. We could simply have taken all the Objective One money, and we could have given £20,000 a year, for half a decade, to the poorest five per cent of the Cornish population. Would that have been better?"       Andrew George MP

SHOW ME how much MONEY that's way over a billion! (1,316m ) £400m of EU funding between 2000 and 2006 £500m of EU funding between 2007 and 2013 £416m of further funding coming between 2014 and 2020 source: EU Commission

This website has been built as a platform to expose how EU funds have been misused or wasted in Cornwall and what can be done to change things in the future. How an economy can be improved is a much-debated issue. Clearly one way not to do it is the way EU funds have been funnelled into Cornwall in the past 16 years.  The theory that helping just a privileged elite and hoping prosperity for all will follow, has been an obvious failure in Cornwall


Those involved in the funding process are not going to be interested in highlighting the problems, it's hardly in their interest to do so. Official reports are  impenetrable, infrequent and ineffectual.  So it's up to us!


Do you want to help EU funding make Cornwall a better place for all of us and not just a greedy few? So get involved! As you can see from the above figures there is still a lot of EU money to be allocated over the next few years, lets make it all count.


Take part on the discussion page, or if you prefer use the contact page. Post  comments and suggestions as to how we can make EU funds work for all, not just a select few. Suggest what should be included on this site. Share your knowledge of where there has been corruption and mismanagement. Share ideas on what you would like to see funded in Cornwall.

"We became enthralled with the view that wealth trickled down from the top and that if you poured money into rich people, prosperity and jobs would squirt out of them like donuts. And if you understand economies in the 19th-century way, that view is plausible, and I think a lot of people accepted it."

Nick Hanauer entrepreneur


SHOW ME THE scams how did they manage to get away with it? surprise, surprise Figures for total losses of EU grants to Cornwall due to scams & corruption are unknown (or at least impossible to discover) Shown below are a few of the most notorious scams

Southwest Film Studios


South West Film Studios received an EU grant of more than £2 million.

Closed after two years, Managing Director charged with fraud.


£2million lost

Design Business


Typical of the many small businesses that have failed miserably and taken the EU money. This failure came shamelessly after just a few weeks


£30,000 lost

Gaia Energy Centre


Funded by generous EU grants. Achieved only 10% of expected attendance figures. Closed  after just a couple of disastrous years


£5.5m lost

Private Art Galleries


Huge amounts of dosh have been handed out to private art galleries in the county.  Where has all this money has gone? Do you have any information that could help?  Please use contact form or blog

£?million lost

there are countless other examples of how eu money has been wasted, stolen or been managed corruptly - let us know If you have any information so we can expose on this website.  please use the contact form or blog.

If you are brave enough we will gladly give you a name credit!

SHOW ME what we got for the money Am I allowed to go inside and have a look? (according to beefy security personnel - NO) We could have chosen any number of lavish projects or buildings to focus on here, for some reason this one is particularly annoying however if you are into 'exciting' office blocks, this is one for you oh and by the way it cost £13m of your money

The Syphon at work

'The Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre' is a brand new, fancy office block that cost over £13 million to build, using out-of-county architects & builders. Here is a perfect example of a 'money syphon'.  If £13m went to out-of-county architects & builders, it clearly didn't stay in Cornwall for very long.


The centre is tucked away well out of sight of any nosey public, but near Treliske hospital, which presumably gives it some spurious credibilty.  If you try to approach it either by car or on foot you will be met by numerous and not  especially welcoming, security personnel. (Why such an amount of protection for an out-of-the-way office block?)  Oh and they are not too keen on photos being taken either (!).  If you are an ordinary member of the public don't count on actually getting into the building to admire the stylish interiors. Gazing with wonder at the website pics is about the closest any of us will come to seeing how the lucky few 'innovate' in comfort.


The name given to this expensive office block 'The Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre', suggests that the space available to rent is for health or health-related businesses. However if you actually look at the present tenants they are a mixed bunch to put it mildy, for example one tenant (or are they an affiliate, I can never remember the difference) is concerned with saving the rain forest.....sigh.

In any case most of the ‘mission statements’ are so full of gibberish that it’s hard to know exactly what they do.


See for yourself and have fun trying to translate EU funded gobblegook at:

Show me the money

SHOW ME THE MONEY is a citizen engagement project. A Cornish initiative, we are not affiliated to any political party, existing pressure group or existing campaigning group. We are not supported financially.



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